How can women find good jobs to live their own free life

Employment as a Means of Fostering Independence and Confidence in Women One of the best ways for a woman to foster her independence and confidence is to secure a rewarding, well paying job. While statistics indicate that the average woman earns less money than the average man, there are certainly some steps that women can take to find employment that is both fulfilling and lucrative.

The first step that women can take in securing gainful employment is to communicate with family and friends about the desire to find a good job. While this step may seem like common sense, many people do not utilize their familial and social networks during the job search. Considering that nearly one half of all new employees are referrals from existing employees, social networking regarding job prospects is an excellent search tool. Moreover, because many employers offer employees referral bonuses for bringing new employees on board, this can be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Friends and family members are also more likely to know about positions that may be an excellent fit with a job seeker's skill set. They also may be able to lead women to employers who have a work environment that is particularly supportive of women with family responsibilities.

After friends and family have been made aware of job search efforts, it is to make sure that potential employers receive an organized and updated resume that outlines special skills that can be brought to a place of employment. Women should highlight any certifications, second languages, or special training that may be relevant to positions of interest. If possible, the resume should be sent along with a personalized cover letter to the hiring manager or human resources manager. For women who already have a friend or family member employed by a business, it does not hurt to provide that contact with a copy of the resume and letter to help ensure that the information makes it into the hands of the appropriate decision makers.
Another strategy that women can employ to find a good job is to target growing companies or those that have been identified as employee-friendly or well-paying. Many local newspapers and business publications contain lists of such businesses, as well as articles on businesses that plan to relocate to the reader's local area. Women can get a head start on the competition by proactively contacting these businesses before specific positions are advertised to the general public.

In sum, next time someone poses the question, "How can women find good jobs to live their own free life?", you will be armed with some suggestions that will hopefully help a woman that you know secure employment that is rewarding in more ways than one.