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Press Release: Statement of the National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy, November 5, 2003.


I'm marching because without control over my own body I have no rights. I am marching because because I know, all too well, what it mean to have my control taken away. I am marching for us all. Everywhere.

JB ,

I was 13 years old when Roe v Wade was passed. My daughter and I marched to keep our right, and to ensure that her future children, my grandchildren, will have the right to make their own reproductive decisions. We march for the lives of women all over the world who are dying because our government has denied funding for basic care for women. PLEASE REGISTER AND VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!

Audrey dela Cruz,

On Sunday April 25th, 2004 I marched down to the D.C from New York City, along with my mother. Our resons for marching is because our Reproductive Rights are for us to decide not a government of oppressing WHITE MEN!!!

It's Our Body, Our Mind, Our Choice!

LaKeasha Martin,

I am marching because I am a 22 year old woman who goes to a Catholic University where women have to lie to their gynecologists to get birth control pills. I work in the Women's Center where we cannot speak to women about anything to do with contraception or risk having our funding revoked. I live on a campus where condoms are not sold within a 5 block radius.

I am marching because I am a survivor of rape who did not have to have that unhuman being's child. Every time I see someone whose face even remotely resembles his I have a visceral reaction. He victimized me once, knowing that two testiments to what he did to me, myself and that child, lived on in the world, would only show that he had won. I will not let him win, I am a survivor who got stronger.

I am marching for the women I worked with in East Africa, who have been deeply affected by the 'global gag rule'. The women who don't have enough funding to run a full MCH clinic. Women no longer receive the pre-natal care they need. Many of them live in rural areas where the identification of a high-risk pregnancy is the difference between life and death. Their children are no longer receiving basic vaccinations for polio, measles, rubella, tetanus, hepatitis and tuberculosis. The were denied all this because we decided that women should have FULL ACCESS to health care, making sure that they know all the choices, all the consequences, can afford them, and then raise healthy children. I march because my sister's voices in other countries have been silenced by Bush's ignorant policy.

I march for my mother and my two sisters here in the US. My mother, who had to have three d&cs; late in her pregnancy after miscarrying. My youngest sister, who was the 'miracle baby', the fourth pregnancy, who is now in high school. My middle sister who goes to school in New York and could not be here. I march so they, all three, know I love and respect them as human beings with full, rational thoughts. I know the intelligent, individual, beautiful women they are, and I fight so that this brilliance will always be allowed to shine through.

I march because so many have tried to shut me up and tone me down. I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY!!!

L.M. ,

My concerns are the attacks on access to education, contraception, health care, and abortion rights for all women-Third World Countries as well as the U.S.A. We seem to have a graying of the line between church and state, political actions driven by a vocal, manipulative minority. Publicity about the march seems to primarily emphasize abortion rights. We are looking for basic human rights and when they are in place and used properly...then and only then will abortion be safe, legal and rare.

As a practicing R.N. prior to Roe VS Wade, I cared for young, minority children-butchered by back street or self attempted abortions. They were 10 to 14 years old, post total hysterectomy, abdomen badly infected and open, stabilized with huge retention sutures and packed with gauze. After changing the wet to dry abdominal gauze packings & dressings I then had to apply a binder(so their abdominal contents would not fall out) and make them walk, pushing their IV's so they wouldn't die of a blood clot.

Please don't let us go back to this....

Eileen ,

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